• Paradigne

    Gone are the days of magnetic minecarts, torchlit villages and make-shift machines. Join us as we adventure into a rich, vibrant age immersed in technological wonders. Welcome to Paradigne, New Dawn
  • Rich Biomes

    Paradigne hosts a myriad of new landscapes for eager explorers to adventure to. Don’t set your sights on the first biome you enter, as there are over a hundred unique options to choose from!
  • Tech Marvels

    Beneath the surface Paradigne enables the crafting and use of powerful technologies. Hand drills and automatic drilling machines, armor powered suites and nuclear reactors, the list goes on and on!
  • New Worlds

    In Paradigne, the sky is not the limit. Create your own space program and set up your own space station amongst the stars, or go beyond orbit and set up your very own moon base!
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Welcome to Paradigne, New Dawn

Welcome to Paradigne.com! From our launch in 2010 to the present day we have undergone quite a few changes, yet we have always believed in unifying elements to tie our ever-evolving experience together. In the past this has meant that our structures, bank accounts and virtual belongings carry forward, but as the Minecraft community evolves we have ventured past this feasible ability to preserve absolutely all of our work throughout these transitions.

So today I intend to tie the Paradigne legacy together with a timeline. We began this timeline with vanilla Minecraft, then moved forward slowly in time to an age of glitchy hot air balloons, crude buggies, and manual drawbridges. We then took a leap into the future with Tekkit and it’s alpha-level machines and contraptions. We next made a trip through time with Hexxit, and enjoyed a mystical age void of technology, but rich with adventure.

Yet today we are entering an entirely different Minecraft experiance... today we design our own world with fully matured tools at our disposal. The best mods, concepts, and succeses from all the ages (three years!) have now culminated to form the ParadignePack - the ever-evolving single solution to this servers future. Drop into a world without limits, and experiance a fully matured platform. Drop into Paradigne.

If you are not already part of our community, please feel free to join us in this exciting time. Welcome to Paradigne, New Dawn.

Paradigne was created October 12th, 2010 (friends of friends only)
Server Went Public November 12th, 2010 (forum advertisement) 

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