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Open Blocks

openblocks guideblock

As one of the server's newest additions, OpenBlocks boasts some of the most complete, well polished and downright useful additions yet. A few of the following are recommended highly based on the criteria that they are highly useful, as well as pretty cool:

Guide Block - This insanely useful block allows for a tranasparent 3D guide to be super-imposed on the world in real-time, allowing for the building of spheres, polygons, triangles, you name it! A must-have for any serious builder!

Luggage - While not a "must" have, this little companion makes mining and general storage unbelievably simple. Every block that rests on the ground around you is gobbled up by this little creature, and with a few hits that creature can be stored securely in your inventory (taking up only one spot.) Never let cobblestone vanish on you again!

Tanks - If you enjoy buildcraft pipes, you'll really love these tanks. With tanks you can not only store a massiveopenblocks luggage amount of fluid, but also break the filled block and have it retain those fluids. As an added must-have feature, one can use an "XP Drain" to drain all of their XP into a tank for safe keeping! Simply right click the tank to restore your XP one level at a time.

Sprinklers - Tired of hunting down berries every 15 minutes? Fear not, the sprinkler is here, and it's truly amazing. Simply place your sprinkler on an openblock tank, fill it with water, and watch it grow crops at an accelerated rate! Add bonemeal for even better results by right clicking the sprinkler.

Additional useful items to check out: The paint system, the rope ladder & the jaded ladder.

Additional Information: OpenBlocks Video Spotlight

IndustrialCraft 2

industrialcraft2 toolsSure you have a batbox and cables... but what else can you DO with these things besides power your item storage system? Here are a few choice features that are favorites amongst our community:

Electric Jetpack: The standard jetpack is great, but if you have a solar farm, you want renewable power! Take the time to make yourself an electric jetpack and you'll be ready to take to the sky any time you wish. An experienced jetpack-eteer can even avoid fall damage with just the right amount of thrust at the right moment. The benefits of a jetpack are nearly endless, and a must have for serious builders!

Diamond Drill / Chainsaw: Easier to craft than the jetpack, the diamond drill and chainsaw are power tools that NEVER require more diamonds to repair after it they been crafted. Instead, you must simply sate their eternal thirst for electricity. When a tool runs out of charge, pop it into a batbox or power storage unit, it's really that simple. Both of these tools have an excellent speed compared to other tools, and the Chainsaw can even harvest leaves in their block form.

Basic Machinery
Stop smelting your raw ores directly and wake up! You could be getting TWICE as much from all your materials than you currently are using a standard furnace, and no coal is required!

Macerator: First things first, let's grind those raw ores down to produce two stacks of dust. The macerator will do this so long as you have enough energy flowing into the machine from a source (coal generator, solar panel, etc.)

Electric Furnace: While you can easily smelt the macerated dust in a standard furnace, the electric furnace has some pretty unbeatable features. Instead of wasting coal by smelting less than 8 ores or dusts at a time, you can smelt a few with 100% of your coal being stored as power. Next, you can upgrade the speed of your furnace later on through an overclocker upgrade (at the cost of extra power).

Additional Information: IndustrialCraft Recipes & Resources

Redlogic & Wireless Redstone


So you've moved beyond buildings, or perhaps skipped them entirely in order to create some super-cool mechanical wonders, but vanilla redstone is pretty... lacking. Well, we have a few solutions for this!

Redstone Wire - Use redstone wire to free yourself from the restraints of dust. Redstone wire can be mounted on most surfaces, and can be stuck to walls or ceilings indefinitely.

Integrated Circuits - So you want two light switches, or some other form of advanced mechanic - you, my friend, need an integrated circuit. Check them out in the inventory screen, or in the link below! And if you don't like the pre-configured IC's, make your very own using the tutorial at the redlogic link below!

Lamps - Easily the best form of lighting in Paradigne (and unlike the luminators in IC2, these only require redstone current, which is FREE) the lamps are truly an excellent addition to any building's interior or exterior. Craft one and enjoy some freedom from that yellow-tinted torch light!


Wireless Transmitter/Receiver - These items, when used in tandem, provide a uniquely intuitive and very effective wireless system to design around. Check them out in creative mode (single plater) if you aren't sure if they are worth it!

Additional Information: Redlogic (redstone wire, integrated circuits, lamps, etc.), Wireless Redstone


Automatic Turrets


You're tired of monsters invading your area, these stupid broots are getting old, and you're much too smart to spend all you're time dispatching with them personally. Let's step up your defense grid with some automatic turrets that will target, shoot and destroy your foes for you! Turrets are an investment, and it will take a decent amount of time and resources to craft, but they are an incredibly cool, and functional resource to have!

Notes: turrets will attack *all* players unless you specifically program their name into the computer. There is no blacklist function, unfortunately, only a whitelist (I recommend only turning them on when you're around anyway, perhaps hook them up to an "eu splitter cable" to toggle the power on and off according to your preferance)

Video of how turrets work:

Turret Platform:
A turret platform is required to make any and all turrets listed below function. This is the computer that controls the entire unit, where as the guns below are merely weapons used in conjunction with this amazing piece of technology. The turret platform will require energy piped into via a power source.
(2 Re-Batteries, 1 piston, 2 chests, 1 circuit, 1 computer, 2 steel blocks)

Gun Turret:
This is a standard turret that utilizes craftable ammunition to destroy targets. It is powerful, but ammunition can be a hassle to replace. This unit requires very little energy to operate. Protip: You may want to install a "vacuum hopper" connected to some storage to collect the shells that are ejected after each shot is fired.
*Recipe provided in-game (NEI)

Laser Turret:
This is an advanced turret that utilizes various forms of energy to blast enemies. This tool is energy hungry, so make sure you have a powerful energy generation and retention system installed (e.g. nuclear reactor & MFSU, or perhaps a very large array of solar units) if you intend for the unit it stay active all night.
(4 glass, 1 circuit, 1 steel block)

Railgun Turret:
This is the most powerful turret, but again you will need to keep it stocked with ammunition. Railguns are deadly, and precise. Protip: You may want to install a "vacuum hopper" connected to some storage to collect the shells that are ejected after each shot is fired.
(1 magnetizers, 2 advanced circuits, 1 diamond, 1 steel block)

(Additional information will be added at a future date!