The Paradinian Economy

The System

Gold ingots can be brought to any bank or ATM location to be exchanged automatically for Paradigne's virtual currency: Drakes. These Drakes are used in tandem with our economy plugin (Fe) and our Shop plugin (Chest Shop) to provide a reliable, always-active, admin-free trade stystem.

Why 400? This is actually not a made up number, a standard ingot in real life weighs 400 ounces, which in turn equals 400 one-ounce coins in this case. So each Drake is one ounce.

The bank also provides a physical currency option. This option also involves gold ingots - one ingot will get you four "pouches" (item appearance) of "100 Drakes" (item name). This is the smallest form of physical currency in Paradigne.

Economic History

Since it's conception, the Paradinian economy has always been a well-thought-out system that provides a rewarding experiance to it's participants. This is done by achieving three critical aspects:
1) A stable standard to base all values on - The time-tested tradition of using gold ingots as the primary source of wealth has now spanned multiple re-creations as Minecraft has matured (and we along with it.) Today, things are no different with the gold standard still being enforced.
2) A largely player-driven system - While selling certain items makes sense, the grand majority (99%+) of our economy is entirely player-driven, which means there are limited (only certain items, never raw materials and resources) "server" shops. While it can be a rocky start to begin such an economy, the server is rewarded with a rich system in which anyone can gain what they need through supply and demand (e.g. if people need glass, you smelt a ton of it down and start selling it at a premium price.)
3) A reliable server that actively combats fraud - While most servers consider cheating to be a bad thing, Paradigne's stance on cheating and exploitation has always been extremely strict, and actively enforced. Multiple plugins and mods help detect illegal actions, and in general we tend to target more mature players (those who know cheating doesn't enhance the experiance whatsoever.) With a finite attention to this concern, the administration ensures that the value of everyone's hard work does not fluctuate.