Getting Started


Death, Defense & Weapondry

Your Minecraft charactor is almost certainly going to die. It's a rough reality, but there it is. When your charactor dies, a tombstone is created so your valuables won't be lost due to item decay. Simply find your tombstone and break it to retrieve the items you lost when you died.

You are going to want some armor as soon as possible. Try crafting a suit of wooden armor (Tinkers Construct) to start, and then upgrade with some leather or another varient when you can locate and/or craft the right materials.

Whether you craft your own weapons, or buy them from Paranox (spawn), you'll want to look into the weapons provided by the Balkon's weapon mod first. Everything from pikes to muskets are provided through this fantastic mod. Open your inventory and type in "balk" to view the full array.



Mo' Creatures

Paradigne hosts a myriad of amazing creatures, but many of them are not as friendly as one would hope. The evening will bring forth deadly monsters, and running often isn't enough to avoid them. This is not your standard survival server, you WILL be challenged by the formidable nature of these enemies. Stick close to safe areas until you are ready to venture out on your own. Keep in mind most Mo' Creatures non-hostile mobs can be tamed as well!

Additional Information: Mo' Creatures Wiki

Biomes O' Plenty, Natura, Project Zulu

Paradigne hosts an incredibly diverse environment when it comes to terrain and biome generation. Feel free to explore for a few days before settling on a home as it can take a very long time to see even half of what is out there in this amazing universe.

Additional Information: Biome's O' Plenty Video Spotlight, Natura Wiki, Project Zulu Wiki

Industrialcraft 2

Enhance the minecraft experience with powered machines that help you gain resources faster, fight more effectively and protect yourself from damage!

Rubber Trees - Punch these trees or take a tap to the knots in order to extract resin. Bake the resin in the furnace to produce rubber! (this can be done more efficiently later on, but this is where everyone starts.)

Copper Cable - Transfer power from "Point A" to "Point B", also essential for many recipes.

Generator - One of the most basic forms of power production in the game, the generator uses flammable materials to produce EU (Energy Units)

Batbox - While generators offer some power retention, the batbox will extend your ability to store power efficiently (especially when using coal as your primary fuel source.) The batbox will hold 40,000 EU.

Additional Information: IndustrialCraft Recipes & Resources

Applied Energistics

Stop crafting endless rows of chests and replace them with a single, compacted, searchable system!

ME 1k Storage Drive - This is the smallest storage device for the mod, it will offer plenty of storage for someone starting out! To use it, craft a ME Chest.

ME Chest - This chest is the most basic device for item storage. When powered, and when a ME Storage Drive is installed (top right of the ME Chest GUI) you will be capable of storing items in enormous stacks. While it may take several chests to store thousands of units of sand, you can store ALL of these as a single icon in the ME Chest.

Additional Information: Applied Energistics Website