New Member Registration

If you are looking for a new server to call home, look no further! The Paradigne community is always looking for new friendly faces to join. Please, however, take the time to understand the following before applying:

> Check your drama at the door - Paradigne is a drama-free server. If there is a disagreement between yourself and another member, please resolve it in a mature manner. In general, please also be considerate of other members while playing.

> We require all members to have read and understood our Rules & Laws. Please note that the server rules are mandatory, however breaking any laws we have posted is acceptable if you are willing to accept the accompanying punishment (assuming you are caught.) Also detailed on this page are our Rules of Engagement, which explains our system of engaging other players in combat (PvP.) If you are going to participate in PvP combat, you must comprehend these rules.

> To further foster the friendly and close-knit community we have built, we also require you to post on our Google+ or Facebook page with your personal account. If you are here with good intentions, this should not be a problem in the least. Facebook and Google+ is also where our latest news is reported, and where the administration looks for feedback, so this process has quite a few benefits. Click one of the links below to visit the page of your choice. If you encounter any issues with this process please feel free to ask in-game for help! Once done with this task, please scroll down to complete your registration.

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Application For Membership

If you are still interested in joining Paradigne, please
take a few moments to complete our application: