Server Rules

These rules may be punishable with temporary or permanent suspension.

No Griefing Allowed         No Exploits Allowed         Build Away From Other Players

No Griefing (Destroying or manipulating others' structures without their consent.) This includes all public and server-owned structures as well. Harassing other players or ignoring the admins/moderators is also a form of griefing (harassment to be determined on a case-by-case basis).
No Exploitation of mechanical errors or cheating mechanisms such as duping or the use of illegal client mods. There are ways to detect many of these mods and exploits, and we do have them installed. Any unfair advantage over the default modpack is likely a bannable exploit unless it is a feature that an admin has cleared.
Build away from current settlements, or gain permission from the settlements owner(s)

Any blatent form of non-natural creation will mark an unofficial settlement. To claim an official settlement simply contact an admin or moderator in-game to protect your area from all but those you allow access.
*Those violating this rule may have their infringing settlement moved or destroyed.


Laws of Paradigne

These rules may be punishable with in-game jail/banishment time, and/or a fine (in drakes.)

No Murder         No Theft         No Aiding and Abetting

No Murder. As with nearly every other modern society, murder is not allowed in Paradigne. Murder is defined as killing another player without their consent to engage in player versus player (pvp) combat. Please see the "rules of engagement" to learn more about this topic.

• If you are accused of murder (the victim presses charges) you will stand trial in the Capitol's courthouse if (and only if) no *successful* vengence has been taken against you.
• Be warned: If you refuse to cooperate with the justice system, or exploit this law senselessly, you may be considering "griefing" which is a potentialy bannable offense.

No Theft. Theft happens, and it is not a bannable or suspendable offense unless the rule of griefing applies, and one stole blocks placed in the world. Protected containers accessed through plugin/mod failure or malfunction are not fair game (this is considered an exploit). You may not make many friends as a thief, but it is allowed by game mechanics and server rules.

• If you are accused of theft you will stand trial in the Capitol's courthouse. You must have more than general suspicion to accuse someone of theft, or else you may incur the wrath of the court yourself for slander.

No Aiding and Abetting Criminals. You may not aid or abett fugitives in any way. Any aid provided to a criminal, or abetting of the criminal act in question, will open you up to the same consequences due to the offending party. (e.g. defending a friend that has murdered someone from attack will allow the murdered person to kill you, as well as your friend, or send both of you to trial for your friends crime.)


Rules of Engagement

These are the PvP combat engagement policies of Paradigne.

Agree To PvP

If you would like to legally engage in player versus player combat (pvp) with another player, you must seek their consent first.

-- Engagement Laws --

1 hour

All players have a right
to self-defense.
If any member is attacked for a seemingly hostile reason, they have the right to defend themselves and kill their attacker.
This right lasts one hour past the original point of aggression.

24 hours

Combat aggression resulting in death
has a ti
mer of 24 hours.

If a player is killed illegally, they have a chance to avenge their death and kill their murderer once within a period of 24 hours.
*After successfully killing their murderer, the murdered individual forfeits their right to press charges. Justice has already been served.


-- Pressing Charges --

If any of the above rules have been violated, you must press charges by making an admin or moderater aware of the situation if you hope to see results, and the begining of a legitimate trial. If you do not press charges, then the staff will likely not intervene as we assume you will solve the issue on your own. If you are being harassed, the administration highly recommends you press charges.

Do remember that violating a law is not against the rules, it is simply another way to play the game. Everyone walks a fine line between violating the rules and harassment, however. If an individual targets another player repeatedly, this could be considered harassment. Please choose your targets wisely if you wish to play a thief or murderer.