Basic Server Details

IP: (
Client: ParadignePack - Requires the Technic Launcher
*This client replaces minecraft's launcher with a highly improved third-party version controlled by the Technic Team.
As the name suggests, this is a fully custom modpack designed and tested specifically for this server.
Download the Technic Launcher
ParadignePack Installation Instructions

Technic ModPack URL:
Server RAM: 3 Gigabytes (Will upgrade the minute it is needed)
Teamspeak Server IP:
(Request membership from an admin to enter the chat channel)
Server Play Style:
*Survival (No free anything)
*Exploiting bugs/mechanics is a bannable offense
*Most client-side mods are not allowed, and most will result in a permanent ban
Creeper Explosions: Yes (Unless nulled by plugin - i.e. protected regions & spawns)
PvP: Yes (But check the server rules and laws before attacking anyone!)