Master Command List


General Commands

/spawn – Returns you to the spawn point
/who - View the online member list
/sethome – Sets your personal "home" warp point
/home – Teleports you to your preset "home" position (if you have one)
/tpa - Sends a teleport request to another user
/tpaccept - Accepts a teleport request from another player
/msg - command format for private messaging (example: /msg Steve This is a secret that only Steve will hear)
/me - Emotes (Example: *Steve is on fire)
/compass - displays the exact degree of the direction you are pointing
/getpos - detailed x,y,z,yaw,pitch reading
/motd – displays the servers motd, or welcome message

Lock Commands

*For these commands, you must target a Chest, Dispenser, Furnace, Metal Door, or Sign

/lock - Create a private protection
/unlock - Remove a private protection
/lock <playername> - Create a protection for you and others (list players with a space between names)

/lwc -c public - Create a public protection (anyone can view/modify, but not protect)
/lwc -c password - Create a password-protected protection
/lwc -m - Modify an existing protection
/lwc -u - Unlock something (when asked)
/lwc -i - View information on an already protected inventory
/lwc -p - Activate a mode if it is not blacklisted
/lwc -r - Remove an existing protection or all modes activated on you

Short "Alias" Commands (much easier to remember!)
/cpublic --> /lwc -create public
/cpassword --> /lwc -create password
/cprivate --> /lwc -create private
/cunlock --> /lwc -unlock
/cinfo --> /lwc -info
/cremove --> /lwc -r protection


Economy Commands

/money - Shows your account balance (how many drakes you have stored in the bank.)
/money top - Shows the top 10 richest players on the server
/money send  <name> <amount> - Send a certain player a certain amount of Drakes